Four things...

(Muss man eine englisches Meme eigentlich auch auf Englisch beantworten? Oder darf man es auf Deutsch übersetzen? Hmm. Egal.)

I recieved this meme from Christoph. As this was my first English meme this will be my first English post...

Four jobs I had(/have):
(in chronologic order:)
linux sysadmin (only part time, RST, Renningen)
instructor (still active, only on the weekends, Heidehof Stiftung, Stuttgart)
software developer and linux sysadmin (self-employed person, ETES Systemhaus, Stuttgart)

Four movies I can watch repeatedly:
There are a lot of good movies, but I can't name my favorite ones. I prefer comedies. And I should note that I am invited for a silent movie next week by a friend how runs (Stummfilm = silent movie). Let's see if I'll enjoy it...

Four places I’ve liked:
I didn't move arround much:
Stuttgart, district Vaihingen
Magstadt (20km from Stuttgart)
Stuttgart East
Zuffenhausen (a district of Stuttgart where Porsche is)

Four TV shows I like
Edel und Stark (see my entries for "Edel und Stark")
CSI Las Vegas
Crossing Jordan

Four places I’ve vacationed:
France (Brittany, Korsika, the south west Atlantic Ocean coast)
many places in Germany

Four favourite dishes:
Only four??? Check out the dishes at Jans Küchenleben... There are many of them (but all in German).

Four sites I visit daily:
I visit many other websites (what a surprise! ;-) but none of them daily.

Four people I will tag:
Die Gärtnerin

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