What is makeHTML?

There are many graphic free and proprietary HTML editors at the moment. I don't use them, because in my opinion the HTML hacker must have the full control about the commands which are used. An other reason against using them is that their output promises a pixel exact layout which fails with most browsers.

This is why I always did write my web pages in a standard text editor (for me the vim 5.3). But this is some how difficult and hard to manage for bigger projects.

So my idea was to create a tool which helps the webmaster of complex web pages, but which allows the full control about the generated source. The result of this idea was makeHTML which I hope will be a useful tool for you.

makeHTML is published under the GNU GPL! It comes with absolutly no warrenty. Use it at your own risk!

System requirements and installation

You need the following software on our system:
Name: Version: Download from:
Perl 5.005_03 ftp://ftp.netlabs.com/pub/outgoing/perl5.0
GD.pm 1.18 http://stein.cshl.org/WWW/software/GD
Installation is very simple: Unpack the compress archive and make the script (makeHTML.pl) executable.


Gepackt makeHTML-0.06.tgz (16kB) The lastest version of makeHTML (v0.06)
Gepackt makehtml-example.tgz (24kB) Exapmle for makeHTML (needs v0.06)
Gepackt makehtml_0_05.tgz (16kB) Old version of makeHTML (v0.05)
DVI makehtml-doc.dvi (39kB) The documentation for version 0.05 in the DVI format.
PS makehtml-doc.ps (150kB) The documentation for version 0.05 in the PS format.
PDF makehtml-doc.pdf (233kB) The documentation for version 0.05 in the PDF format.

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