What is EasyCount?

Most of ourdays homepages has a count which shows how many people have visited the page. A lot of these counters come from external and free servers. But they are very often slow and disply commercials. So way don't use our own simple counter? EasyCount is a simple to configure counter with some nice features:
  1. Many interesting logfiles
  2. Displays the counter as text or as a graphic
  3. Can count with roman numerals

makeHTML is published under the GNU GPL! It comes with absolutly no warrenty. Use it at your own risk!

System requirements and installation

You need the following software / possibilities on our webserver:
Name: Version: Download from:
Perl 5.005_03 ftp://ftp.netlabs.com/pub/outgoing/perl5.0
Please make sure that you can run Perl scripts as CGIs!
SSI ? Make sure that you are allowed to use SSI on your server!
Installation is very simple: Unpack the compress archive and make the script (counter.pl) executable in your cgi-bin. Then set a SSI command like it is described in the documnetation. (The doc is part of the compress archive.)


Gepackt easycount.tgz (13kB) The lastest version of EasyCount as TGZ archive.
Gepackt easycount.zip (13kB) The lastest version of EasyCount as ZIP archive.

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