Welcome on my OSS pages!

On these pages you can find at the moment three different open source projects which I have started:
makeHTML is a very powerful Perl script to generate webpages.
You know, that graphical HTML editors are very popular at the moment, but I prefere writing them in a text editor. But if you want to manage a bigger webpage this way, this means a lot of work and often many bugs in the menus and layout of your pages.
This is why I've written makeHTML, because it takes away the task of making layout and the menus form you, although you have the power to change it very easily.
HTMLkeys is a keymap which can be used to generate HTML code much faster. The most important tags
EasyCount is a simple Counter for the visitors of a webpage. It is written in Perl. It's good features are very detailed log files and the counter with roman numbers.

If you like, you can find my homepage here.

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