What is HTMLkeys?

HTMLkeys is a keytab which sets the most important HTML tags on special key combinations. For exapmle [AltGr]+[Return] will produce the "br"-Tag.

This version is only useable on German keyboards.

makeHTML is published under the GNU GPL! It comes with absolutly no warrenty. Use it at your own risk!

System requirements and installation

You need the following software on our system:
Name: Version: Download from:
loadkeys 0.99 Should be part of your Linux distribuation.
german keyboard ? Some sort of german keyboard (with or without Win'95 keys.)
Installation is very simple: Unpack the compress archive and make the script (htmlkeys) executable.


Gepackt htmlkeys.tgz (15kB) The lastest version of HTMLkeys as TGZ archive.
Gepackt htmlkeys.zip (16kB) The lastest version of HTMLkeys as ZIP archive.

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